KazDuCo provides NoWAX which is an innovative Cost Efficient and Environmentally Safe solution to Paraffin precipitation in Oil wells, Flow lines, Pipelines, Storage facilities and all Road, Rail and Sea going Tankers.

NoWAX is specifically formulated to return precipitated wax and Asphaltenes back into their original phase in the crude oil where they will always remain irrespective of temperature drop! Thereby removing the problems of further precipitation even at temperatures below the original cloud and pour points! NoWAX remediates the paraffin waxing process, and returns the wax back to the oil where it remains thru to the refining, irrespective of temperature drops that may occur.

  • non flammable
  • cost effective
  • non toxic
  • non-hazardous
  • biodegradable
  • environmentally safe
  • ecologically sound