Liner Hanger Equipment


KazDuCo provides a range of Liner Hanger Equipment, Tools, Rentals and Engineers.

We offer following types of equipment:

  • Polished Bore Receptacle (PBR Extension)
  • TXP Liner Top Packer
  • ILR Liner Top Packer
  • Pack off Nipple
  • “inner Slip” type Liner Hanger
  • Double Anchor “outer slip type” Liner Hanger
  • Hold Down Sub with outer Slips
  • Single/Double Cone Liner Hanger with outer Slips
  • Single Wiper Plug with integrated Ball Seat
  • Duo Wiper Plug
  • Double Wiper Plug with integrated Ball Seat and drill pipe darts
  • Drill Pipe Darts
  • Landing Collar
  • Float Collar & Float Shoe
  • Type “S” Setting Sleeve
  • Tie Back Stem
  • BST Packer
  • Cementing Head
  • Lift Nipple
  • Junk Bonnet
  • Packer Actuator
  • Rotating Setting Tool with Hydr. Lock
  • Rotating Setting Tool with Mech. Lock
  • S-Setting Tool
  • Stinger
  • Retrievable Pack off Bushing
  • Plug Holder
  • Wash Tool
  • Milling & Clean Assembly